We Look Towards the Future by Honoring the Past

Founder, Sam Stein immigrated from Germany to New York in 1905 with $43 in his pocket. With excitement for his new life in the land of opportunity, he began work, selling household goods out of the heavy sack he carried through nearby, rural communities. It was 1907 when Sam opened his first store. Sam's community oriented vision and hospitality allowed his store to survive many difficulties including the Great Depression of the 1930s. Caring for the well-being of each individual in his store, carried Sam Stein's vision through the next several decades, allowing his children to continue the family business.



Health Care

Eligible associates, full-time and part-time, may choose from different health care options that provide access to a large provider network and coverage levels that afford you greater flexibility in your coverage choices.


Dental Care

Eligible full-time associates may choose from two different dental plans that allow more freedom of choice. We also offer a core dental plan for our eligible part-time associates.


Vision Care

Eligible associates, full-time and part-time, may choose a vision care benefit plan that will offer them generous discounts for routine eye exams and on purchases of glasses and contact lenses.


Retirement Plan 401(k)

Eligible associates may choose to have pre-tax money automatically deducted from their pay and placed into a retirement investment account that can build wealth and help you plan for your retirement.


Associate Discount

Associates and their eligible dependents will receive a 25% discount on all merchandise purchases including clearance merchandise and merchandise that is on temporary promotion. Some restrictions do apply.


Paid Time Off

Eligible full-time associates have paid time off available to them. This includes vacation pay, sick pay, holiday pay, bereavement pay, and jury duty pay.

Stein Mart Cares

We are a family of friendly and social minded associates who treat each other fairly and with respect. At the top of our list of core values are hospitality and caring. We look for ways to make you feel special and are concerned for the well-being of every person. Our associates express these values by supporting the following organizations with time and donations. You can count on us!

Causes We Support:
National, Local, and Our Family

American Heart Association

How we give:

Stein Mart associates and customers participate in two annual events to support AHA. In February, American Heart Month is a great time to remind our associates and customers to focus on their hearts and encourage them to get their families, friends and communities involved. We promote this event in all our stores, nationwide; take donations at the registers and, of course, “go red” on National Wear Red Day! Additionally, in the fall, hundreds of associates from our corporate offices and Jacksonville area stores raise awareness and funds for AHA by participating in the First Coast Heart Walk. In 2018, Stein Mart raised nearly $325,000 and became the leading company in fundraising in the 25-year history of the event.

Why we give:

Stein Mart associates are inspired by their CEO Hunt Hawkins’ personal story. Hawkins was born with a birth defect that resulted in him getting a valve replacement in 2009. But it was in 2013, when dental work created an infection in his heart that almost cost him his life.

“In 2013 I developed a very serious case of endocarditis following some dental work. The long and short of that event was 13 weeks out of work, and emergency heart surgery to replace an artificial aortic valve that was destroyed by the infection. The work of the American Heart Association and their research is what led to the development of the artificial valves that allow thousands of people like me affected with either a congenital or diseased valve disorder to live long healthy lives. This continued research is leading to valve replacement through a catheter inserted through a vein in the leg, eliminating the serious surgery now required. Should I ever need that valve replaced, it might be a much simpler and less risky procedure thanks to the American Heart Association’s continued efforts.” - Hunt Hawkins


How we give:

Leaders from our merchandising organization work with Rethreaded in an advisory capacity to help with their retail operations. We provide industry expertise on product development, assortment, design and marketing. Associates support Rethreaded by holding T-shirt drives to donate raw materials and buying product at pop-up stores hosted at our corporate office and company events.

Why we give:

“It’s important to support those in your community and it doesn’t always have to be financial. Everyone has time and talents they can invest in others. We are deeply moved by the work that Rethreaded is doing locally and globally through business.” - Gail Patterson, Merchandising

Stein Mart Family Support Foundation

How we give:

Stein Mart associates, vendors and other friends from outside the company make contributions to the Foundation through various fundraising efforts primarily done by our corporate office and in stores. Associate contributions are frequently matched by Stein Mart.

Why we give:

We care about our active and retired Stein Mart associates and their families. Since 2006, the Stein Mart Family Support Foundation has helped hundreds of families who have suffered losses due to natural disaster, injury and illness with economic assistance totaling $1.5 million. The Stein Mart Family Support Foundation is here to help associates rebuild their lives.

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